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You want variety. For Small Gatherings of 8 to 10 people, choose 3 types of appetizers. For Parties of 10 to 45, choose 4 or 5 options. For very large gatherings, choose up to 8 options.



Appetizers Before A Meal: 2 to 4 pieces per person

Buffet-Style Meal: 10 to 12 pieces per person

Desserts: (smaller options) 1 to 2 per person; (cake or pie) 1 piece per person

Rouses Recommends: Order less per person of more filling options like mini muffalettas and fried chicken tenders. Order more per person of lighter options like fruits and vegetables.


Appetizers Before A Game: 5 to 6 pieces per person

Fried Chicken: 2 pieces per person

Ribs: ½ slab per person

Side Dish: 4 to 8 oz. per person (4oz. per serving)

Rouses Recommends: Sandwich trays, dips, wings, drummettes and other finger-friendly foods are best for appetizers served outdoors.

Sandwich Stations

If you are serving an assortment of deli-sliced meats, get 4oz. of meat per person, 2oz. of cheese per person, and 4 slices of bread or 2 rolls, 2 mini croissants or 2 3-inch portions of French bread per person. Don’t forget the lettuce, tomatoes and condiments. Gourmet mustards and flavored mayonnaises add flair to sandwiches.

Rouses Meat & Cheese Trays: Rouses 12” Meat & Cheese trays feed 8 to 10 people (2 sandwiches each), 16” trays feed 15 to 20, 18” trays feed 20 to 25.  

Cocktail Party

9 to 12 pieces per person depending on the length of the party.

Rouses Recommends:  Consider how the food will be served and eaten. If people are standing up, choose bite-size foods that are easy to eat while holding a cocktail or drink.


Appetizers Only: 5 to 6 pieces per person

Appetizers For Longer Cocktail Hours: 7 to 8 pieces per person

Buffet-Style Meal: 12 to 14 pieces per person, plus sides

Desserts: (smaller portions) 2 to 3 per person: (cake or pie) 1 piece per person

Rouses Recommends: For dinner parties, make sure to include some heartier options, like our meatballs, stuffed mushrooms and bacon-wrapped shrimp. Also consider adding a fresh green salad and side dish to round out the meal.





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