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The Bayou Boys, our nickname for our Butchers and Seafood Managers, is a nod to our local heritage. Fishing, hunting, boiling and barbecuing are rich traditions in Louisiana and Mississippi families. Our Bayou Boys grew up fishing Louisiana and Mississippi's waterways, and hunting deer, ducks, rabbits and frogs across Louisiana and Mississippi.   

If you’ve ever eaten outdoors knows, we think you’ll agree with our Bayou Boys: there's nothing better than cooking the day's catch at the camp, whether it's a one-pot dish like duck and Andouille gumbo, or a family fish fry with Mississippi catfish and Louisiana shrimp. Of course grilling and barbecuing are right up there, and our Bayou Boys make everything you need to cook inside and out. We have our very own authentic smokehouses, and our Andouille, boudin, tasso and fresh pork sausages are hand-crafted in small batches using Rouse Family Recipes. Steaks are cut extra thick so they're perfect for grilling, ribs are extra meaty for barbecuing, and every piece of beef, pork and poultry is hand-selected for freshness and flavor.



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