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@mistymac: @RousesMarkets epicurean in thibodaux, la is a beautiful example of how a shopping experience should be. these employees are wonderful.


I had a catering business in New York with my family also. I came to New Orleans because I love the food, climate and people in that order! The people here are so passionate about everything-sports,music,life and it shows at your store in New Orleans on Baronne Street. It is really quite an incredible experience, from the rooftop herbs to your endless salad bar, both hot and cold, I travel about 20 miles almost everyday to eat there.I have sent many tourists to go pick up something up and either eat there or take it back to their rooms.Now, I would like to thank your employees, especially Miss Kiandra who makes sandwiches and Mr. Allison, a chef, for his passion about food and is always willing to share a good recipe and a hug! Miss Kiandra made a shrimp wrap especially for me and waited on me to pick it up.Is that not excellent customer service? Please commend them and keep them forever.I love Rouses!!!! Please, please tell them. - R.H.


Tonight, I went to your store on Tchop in New Orleans at about 9:45 at night. I was looking for a bottle of wine called "The Prisoner" that many customers at my job enjoy. Sadly, it was all sold out. However, your employee in the wine section made a very excellent suggestion: the Rockus Bockus. He was very clear, and said it would be similar, but not identical. I had some at home after purchasing the bottle, and it was absolutely fantastic. I would like to commend your employee for his knowledge of the wines under his care. I will also be visiting your store to speak to a manager to let him know what a fine job his employee did. I feel bad that I do not remember the name on the employee's nametag now. Rest assured that I will definitely be visiting Rouse's for all my home wine needs. – B.P.



I just wanted to commend Mr. Mike at Kenner West Esplanade Store. It was pouring raining. I tried to wait for rain to slack up but I had no choice but to go in the store because of time constraints. I held shoes in 1 hand and umbrella with other and walked barefoot. (A girl cant ruin shoes!) He held my shoes as I dried off before going into the store. And when I left the store he held my shoes and shielded me with a large umbrella going to my car. Most people make it a point to gripe and complain but as a hardworking person myself, I understand that positive comments are helpful to employee evaluations. Mr. Mike lifted my crummy day and made me smile. – A.S.



I was in rouses store on veterans and transcontinental Dr. In metairie,La. I asked an employee where the whitecastle burgers were his name is RAY. He went to find them and went beyond what he had to to find these they were not easy to find. I was so thankful and he thought nothing of it but to me it meant so much even yjo it seemed small. My 86 year old mom is in a home and loves these little burgers it brings delight when I bring her these. So something so small to most is very important to me for my little old mom who has little to enjoy in life but her favorite Burger. So yes I think he should be recognized for his kindness and help it meant a lot. – M.R.



I ordered a cake from the bakery. The beautiful cake fell when I was trying to get it out of the car. I immediately went back to Rouses in hopes of just buying another "boy" cake off the shelf. The check out girl noticed I was back and inquired about what happened. She called Angel to see if she could help out in any way. The bakery was closed but Angel kindly went back there to turn the "girl" cake into a "boy" for my 7 year old son's birthday party the next day. Her and Wendi (deli employee) helped calm me down and really went out of their way to assist me. I truly appreciate their help and dedication to their customers. They could have just let me buy the cake and go but they didn't. It makes a difference to me. I use this Rouses for all my birthday cakes and catering and all of the employees are all so nice. Keep up the great work!!! – T.T.



Just thanking you guys for the best service! On Thursday, I came in and receive the best service from a cashier Zondraneka. I'm not too sure how to spell her name but she was very polite and good with direction I really appreciated her she took a load off my day. She had an excellent level of customer service. Thank you Rouses on Carrolton In mid city! – S.



I want to recognize Andrew at the deli counter at the rouses on 190 by military road. He made my experience at rouses super pleasant. He provided feedback on the different meats and helped me patiently. What a great person to have helping customers. Thank you. – C.S.



Most of our shopping is done at the Diamondhead, MS store. I have never been to a grocery store where the employees are as polite and accommodating as they are at this and other Rouses. Too bad those who train the employees for Rouses can't train employees at other businesses. On Friday, September 13 my husband and I shopped at the Rouses on Pass Road in Gulfport, MS. We were fortunate to have Marcia in the meat department wait on us. What a professional and polite person! She is a true example of Rouses fine employees! – M.S.


“I purchased the sushi (salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab) at the Carrolton & Bienville store yesterday. It was absolutely fantastic! I think I’ll be going back tomorrow.” – M.G.



@lamCatherine_A: "@RousesMarkets Thank you for the Gentilly Berry Cake. Just tried it by the slice & I'm IN LOVE!!! I want a piece every day." #foodlove #yum



“I saw a Rouse’s employee push a cart and hold an umbrella over a lady’s head while she got into her car. I was impressed that he helped her with her bags. What a lovely thing to do, this shows customer value and good training of employees. I also want to commend each store on their friendliness and assistance to help find items. – Fran



 @FleurtyWhitney: "shoutout to @RousesMarkets for the AMAZING lunch - saved me tons of time today while I prep food for tomorrow!"



 “This location is the best grocery store in the French Quarter. It’s well-stocked, clean, and fresh. The store staff are nice people and it’s only closed for 5 out of 24 hours per day.” – R.B.



 “Love that Rouses supports the local producers!” – S.R.



@DKFoodie: “Love pairing local produce food at Rouses with a really full-bodied balsamic vinegar!” @EatLocalNOLA @RousesMarkets



@jenny_m5: “I heart @RousesMarkets sushi…..sooooo freakin good!!!!”



@0o_BiTeMe_o0: "Just had the best crawfish frm @RousesMarkets"



“The best thing that happened to New Orleans was the arrival of Rouse’s.  It’s a warm and inviting store with a local touch. They sell some really good local produce, seafood and other items.  The prices are good, especially if you pay attention to their sales.” – P.A.



@dishcrawlnola: “Just had the most juicy delicious watermelon from @RousesMarkets Gotta love Louisiana in the summertime!”



@guillot_keely: "@RousesMarkets I love Rouses market!!! When i'm home in NOLA for a visit, I come to Rouses to stock up on essential NOLA food...:)"



@colonelsports: "A big thanks to @Rousesmarkets for making our Seafood Extravaganza a huge success tonight! Your either local or...”



@TownDock88: "Eatsmart's kale salad kit from @RousesMarkets is so #Amazing that even my 3yr old was eating kale! Shop Rouses. Shop local. Eat fresh!!!"



@Kevs_Kitchen: “Yes it is possible to have a DOWNTOWN grocer selling LOCAL food w/ occasional rooftop patio party.”



“Thank you Rouses Markets for giving our little farm a chance! We just a bit different- we glad you like us that way! – Chappapeela Farms



“They do crawfish boils on the weekend, so my hubby can have his crawfish fix when the mood strikes. Oh and let’s not forget the huge selection of wine, complete with a walk-in refrigerated area for beer.  The staff is always friendly and helpful too.” – J.B.



“My favorite grocery, by far!” – T.B.



@MindyMoo: “I don’t think anyone has as much fun at the grocery store as I do.” @RousesMarkets



“Who says something free can’t be downright wonderful? This is the thought that’s expressed each time my husband comes home from our Ocean Springs Rouses store with a copy of my Rouses EVERYDAY in our grocery bag. Your magazine IS wonderful!” – J.M.



@coastalcommerce: "@RousesMarkets Great store, great prices and always fresh!” #houma



“Produce is always fresh and plentiful, prices are low, and weekly deals are great. Personally, I like the Pick 5 deal on meat combined with their regular 10 for $10 deals on sides and frozen veg.” – D.G.



@cjhowat: "Kudos to @RousesMarkets contributing to the joy of @jazzfest in more ways than one!” #jazzfest13 #nolalove



“This is my regular grocery store and I really like it. The best part about Rouses is their wine section. The wine guys are great, often have samples of wine and are super friendly with great suggestions. They really take their wine seriously and I love that! The employees are very friendly here. – J.A.



@Kendall_Lirette: "Rouses got the best chicken salad!” #day2 #healthyeating



“Best grocery store ever! Super convenient location, incredibly friendly & helpful staff, and a huge selection of, well… everything!” -S.O.



@ndrewmarin: "Stocking up on delicious, happy @chapfarms ducks at @rousesmarkets!” #eatlocal



“I come here when I don’t want to spend an exuberant amount of money on my lunch in the French Quarter. Locals know where it’s at when it comes to Rouses and that’s why a lot of folks come here for lunch. It’s friggin amazing!” -J.K.



@MomAllDay: “One of the reasons I love @rousesmarkets, they always have a cookie for my kiddos! Happy kids= Easy..."



“Italian food/deli/bakery items are top notch! Excellent wine selections from high end to everday wines. Seafood counter and ice kiosks full of shrimp and oysters make me feel “fancy schmancy.” A foodie’s dream store, they even have a gelato and coffee bar!” -L.G.



@Jeffrey_Funk: "Great time at @RousesMarkets Crawfish eating contest. Sophia the Black Widow wins!” #wgnotv #NOLA



“I live at this Rouses location. Ever since it opened my debit card statement says Rouses… Rouses… Rouses… Rouses… no joke. -C.B.



@brickhouse2064: “This @RousesMarkets shrimp salad is giving me everthing!! I'm in food heaven right now!"



@JenWhoDat: "THANK YOU @RousesMarkets.... I KNEW y'all wouldn't let me down!!!!! I found some PEEPS” :)))) #Happy



@brookeashleyb: "I'm loving these Pinata apples that I picked up from @RousesMarkets."



@aabywg: "Too cool! Aeroponic herb garden on the rooftop of @rousesmarkets."



@nolabucket: "Wine samples at the grocery” #Rouses #reasonsiloveNola



@perryboud: "Love me some @RousesMarkets sushi!!"



@NOLAdressed: "@RousesMarkets The Cellar's sweet potato gnocchi was delicious!” #restaurantdiscover



@SuzetteLake:"Scored some white wine and margarita pizza from @RousesMarkets on Baronne and now my evening is complete” #KeepCalmAndEatPizza



@nickmo90: "@RousesMarkets is my go-to place for lunch."



@Wyzdom360: "Cooking Classes where you can Learn, Eat & Leave w/a Recipe for Free?” @RousesMarkets #TheLouisianaKitchen



@caseface73: “Love grocery shopping at Rouses.” #rouses #buylocal



“Great grocery store in the Mid-city neighborhood. It had great deli, soup, hot bar, and salad bar options. It was like a waaaay less expensive Whole Foods. On the weekends they had crawfish or lobster boils by the Ibs. This would be my go to store if I lived here for sure. Big plus it’s LOCAL!!!”– X.L.



@chloe_mariah: "I look forward to eating lunch at Rouses everyday” #somanychoices



@Drekare504: "Just got me some hot boiled crawfish straight out the pot from @RousesMarkets. Super stoked."



“Rouses is the KING of New Orleans grocery stores, in my humble opinion. They’ve always got the best selection, the store brand is extremely good [try the BACON!], and the staff is friendly.” – C.C.



@PaperStyle: "Celebrating #MardiGras with #kingcake from @RousesMarkets! Laissez les bons temps rouler!"



@viatroybell: "This is the best King Cake I’ve ever had, courtesy of @RousesMarkets."



@TimnNola: “@RousesMarkets has probably the BEST turtle soup I’ve ever had! Rivals Muriel’s even!” #Nolafoodie



@FleurdelishNOLA: "@RousesMarkets chocolate muffins are like candy to my soul."



@deaux6: "Rouses might have the best fried chicken in the city"



@eternallyelisa: "My parade day/night tradition? Fried chicken from @RousesMarkets smothered in Crystal. And an ice cold beer."



 @NinaEastsNOLA: "@RousesMarkets new Cellar restaurant on Tchoupitoulas rocks!”



 “Rouse’s is my favorite store. Many stores have come and gone in Thibodaux such as AS&P & Winn-Dixie but Rouse’s is great and once you shop at Rouse’s there is no reason to shop anywhere else.” – A.C.



 @dixiepokerace: “Today’s high point: lunching @RousesMarkets Baronne & leaving w/ shopping list complete, incl. @NewOrleansRum Gingeroo! One stop shopping!”


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